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Friday, February 13, 2009

Back to normal?

I really don't know what normal is yet: because this blog was started at the same time as the One World-One Heart event, and I became a participant. It brought a lot of people to this blog, most of them only to see what the giveaway was and to leave or not to leave a message (that is the question!). So I guess it will become more quiet here and that will be "normal". My giveaways are going to Renata in Brazil and to Robin in Arizona (but she hasn't answered yet). I was the lucky recipient of a prize from Australia: a pencil case which I need because I just bought a bunch of pens that will travel with me soon. Thank you Melanie!
I am posting yet another piece made with tiles. The tiles measure about one sq. inch or more exactly, 2cm. This time I wanted to assemble them with thread. I have a strong fiber connection and it will be reflected in some of my work. So I drilled all the little holes and got to work.

If you click on the image you can see it in greater detail:probably bigger than in real life. Eeek!


Louise said...

adorables ces petits carres remplis de messages qui sont in the big picture.

Krista Wells said...

vio, I always love these panels that you do.

Charlotte said...

C bin Awesome ça ! Y a des petits animaux !!

Pascale said...

Vraiment j'aime beaucoup ce que tu fais! Ces petites mosaïque me y a une histoire à lire...

Violette Laporte said...

Merci tout le monde,
En effet, oui il y a une histoire. Pour moi, c'est celle du moment présent, des objets qui m'entourent et des intuitions qui me "disent" de placer ceci ici ou là. Parfois sans raison apparente et quand j'y retourne, ma lecture est différente.
Côté pratique: ça prend du temps et ça n'occupe pas trop d'espace. he he

Robyn said...

Love your tiles!


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