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Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday sun

Oh yes...sunny and minus 35C here. This morning I woke up with this project (crazy?) and I intend to follow through on this one. Question.... do you have all these sheets of clay that are experiments or cool samples of what you already made some time ago? Well, I keep everything and think to myself...I'm going to do something with this later on. Later on is here and I have this bin full of sheets that are begging to be used. Recycling? - this is to give me good conscience and to give me permission not to throw all this stuff out.

So, my project is to use these sheets to make book covers. So I am going to get outta here and get to work.
Bonne journée!


julie garneau said...

Bravo d'avoir commence ton blog!
je vais le suivre de pres.
ton premier livre est superbe! j'adore le poisson. comment l'as-tu fait? liquid sculpy mais sur un mold?
il est 6h30am et henri me cri maman alors j'y vais. bonne journee!

Charlotte said...

Recyclage que de recyclage au moin sa donne de beaux livres ! ^^


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