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Friday, January 23, 2009

Why not....

...start today! I procrastinate and think and think and procrastinate. That is not going to get me anywhere. I set this blog up a long time ago and didn't follow up; I once knew how to do it all and today I forget. So now I am jumping in and whatever happens happens.
These days, as I clean the studio, I am thinking of throwing everything out and starting all over. But then again I procrastinate and think and I won't do it. So there!
Recently, I have been making books: polymer clay covers and binding them with the Coptic stitching. They make great books for sketching, writing or whatever. I sometimes call them the attitude, gratitude or platitude journals. I am going to try to insert a picture of one here:

OK I got the picture in all right but not in the right place (I fiddled around and got it). Anyway, this is the first book I made using the Coptic stitching method. Since this first one, I made quite a few more. It gives me the opportunity to play with all kinds of surface techniques (the polymer clay covers) and I can try all kinds of stuff inside the books.
"Livres d'artistes", we call these en français. Enough for this first post. I am going to learn as I go. Isn't that what life is about? (she ends on a philosophical note!)


Gera Scott Chandler said...

Salut Vio- Best wishes on what I know will be a fantastically inspirational blog!

Love the coptic book too!


Margi said...

Hey there!! Glad to see this. I was going to ask you where your blog was. There is a lot to learn, but looks great so far!!

Wanda said...

Hi Vio...glad to see you on the blog bandwagon...great way to see what we're all up to.

Nokkonen said...

Some great blog u have here! You've got yourself a new reader from Finland! Keep up the good work :)


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